Chapter 1: The Comeback Kid

The Comeback Kid, isn’t that the name of a movie or a song or something? ūüėČ

Well, I’m back, in a slightly different format.¬† We are all constantly reinventing ourselves, so… this is my reinvention.¬† The artist formally known as Petticoats & Rootbeer Floats.¬† Of course I still love that content and of course I’m still the same person who wrote all of it, so of course there will still be the random awful puns and silly wordplay and of course I am still writing with a pencil an paper before the typed edition reveals itself.¬† However… I’ve evolved (beside the pencil part of course).¬†¬†You can’t blame me!¬† We all evolve!¬† That crazy Darwin and his evolution.

I currently write this in my ‘Not all who wander are lost’ journal.¬† Whomever came up with that lovely quote is lying.¬† I mean… not entirely, I wander all the time (it’s even a portion¬†of the title of this blog).¬† And while I’m never directionally lost (not often at least) I happen to be personally lost.¬† Always.¬† Period.

Do I have my life together?¬† No.¬† Not even close.¬† Am I going to have my life together any time soon?¬† Not likely.¬† If I had a Magic 8 Ball nearby to shake it would indefinitely read “Outlook not so good.”

Ah, such is life.  My life.  The crazy, wild, fun, awful, awesome, horrible, beautiful disaster of a life that is all mine.

My mom keeps telling me she misses my writing so she’ll be thrilled (or not) to be reading this.¬† And if you too have gotten this far, please stay with me.

The question becomes, what will I write about?¬† I haven’t a clue (as if the first portion of this post didn’t already¬†give that answer away).¬† I will tell you this much… I’ll write what is in my head at the time inspiration hits me.¬† If you’re scared… you should be.¬† I am!¬† My brain is on some sort of natural constant stimulant and absolutely no depressant will slow it down.¬† Trust me, I have experience with this.¬† I get depressed many (many) times and yet the brain keeps going.

Ask me how fun it is….¬† Ask me how fun it is when I try to sleep at night.¬† Trying to shut this thing off is probably worse than trying to put a newborn baby to sleep.¬† Ok, maybe not.¬† I don’t know what that is like and I certainly hope to never find out.¬† (No offense.¬† You mothers are a gift from the heavens, especially mine).¬† Needless to say, you get the picture.¬† Even now, you’re probably thinking “SHUT UP ALREADY!”¬† I hear you.¬† I get it.¬† I promise this chapter will end soon (maybe).¬† But don’t forget, this is Chapter 1!¬† There certainly will be a Chapter 2, just you wait.

Moving on.¬† For those who don’t already¬†know, I read, alot.¬† Not as much as some, but plenty more than many (again, part of the title of this blog),¬† This happens to be another effect of the over stimulated brain affliction.¬† All this being said, I may write about the books I read or have read, or about my physical wanderings, or both together, or maybe about my mental wanderings (God help us, any and all Gods…. Honestly).

Who is looking forward to Chapter 2??? (If you are, you’re a saint and I love you already).